"If you are looking for a great local children's dentist, Smith Family Dentistry is wonderful with kids. I took my 4-year-old in to have her teeth cleaned and cavity filled this week. The dental hygienist, Breton, made my little one very comfortable as he cleaned her teeth and helped her relax. Then Dr. Matt Smith was incredible at calming her down to fill her cavity. We had read "Little Critter Goes to the Dentist" and it shows the dentist holding up a shot. Darn it! I had been given the book and should have previewed it! It made her so nervous about going in to the dentist. Dr. Smith was great at talking with her and explaining things and calling things by silly names. She was even giggling while he gave her the shot to numb her. She had no idea she even had a needle in her mouth. It was a very positive experience for us."

-- Adrianna W.

"My kids have been going there since they were little and none of them are scared of the dentist."

-- Jennifer G.

"I've been to every dentist in this town and at Smith Family Dentistry they have a way to make you feel comfortable. It's nice to come here even when you know there is going to be bad news because they are so accommodating and kind. It's always a positive experience!"

-- Brenda A.

"I came in for fillings for two cavities in side by side teeth. I was very impressed when I saw what Dr. Matt did. He replaced the old fillings also around my teeth as well and rebuilt them. They look beautiful and will provide a protective barrier. With all the work he did I also was surprised with no pain or discomfort during or after the procedure. Very impressed with an awesome job done."

-- Evelyn M.